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In responseto Ziv, this from Caitlin Johnstone A lot of the distortion around this current crisis arises from confusion between peace and the baseline status quo. Because Israel had been trucking along at the same status quo for so long, people assume there was a state of peace when Hamas attacked it, which was why the western political/media class were able to frame it as an “unprovoked” attack. But in reality the status quo in Israel has been one of continually escalating violence, tyranny and abuse for generations, not one of peace.

The trouble with abusive dynamics that have been going on for a long time is that after a while those who aren’t directly affected by the abuse tend to get used to that way of being and start thinking of it as normal. So when there’s pushback against that abusive status quo, it looks to them like it came completely out of nowhere at the hands of an unprovoked aggressor. https://www.caitlinjohnst.one/p/middle-easterners-have-words-for

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