Should you share it? It's a course in itself! I wish I'd read it when I was said dickhole. Then again I am from Pearlman's demo. Must every generation bear a chip toward the previous? I get that vibe from the next in line, anyway. Perhaps course 102 would cover Rejection, as well as the notion that ultimately, the work is about the relationships you find through the work.

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Jeff (May I call you that? I think I’m a shitload older than you):

A really great primer for newbies. Thanks.

I just finished instructing, wrangling, counseling a group of eight young journalists. The fact that they, and I, are still breathing indicates I likely will be called upon to do this rather frequently.

May I share this with them? I realize this is the sort of thing you get paid to do, and I—a total stranger—am asking to borrow it. But it is pitch perfect and you are a more known quantity, therefor more likely to get their attention.

If you’re ever on Cape Cod, the door is open.



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