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Excellent, as always. I admire how much care you put into each post. My wife was a reporter at Newsday, part of the team covering the 1993 LIRR shooting. Everyone was hoping Caroline McCarthy might speak to them. she had lost her husband and her son was in serious trouble. Rebecca stayed parked in the hospital waiting room for a few days and in the meantime became friendly with a security guard, because she's a great reporter and also a nice person who would do that anyhow. He came and got her and helped her get Caroline, who really wanted to share her story and needed someone she could trust. Rebeca's empathy won her over, and she became enmeshed in the McCarthy family for the next two years. I am tearing up writing this, because it was such a sad, intense time and also because I am so proud of her. Your post brought me back to that Your rules are right on.

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